Provisioning JCS service in Private Subnet (Part-1)

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Hi Guys,

Today starting with new series of post on Java Cloud service and SOA Cloud service, where these instances will be in private subnet and have to access them through Public Load Balancer (HTTP & HTTPS protocol).

So, today post will be the part-1 in the series in which will see how to provision DB system in OCI which will act as repository for JCS and SOA schemas.


Have to provision DB system in private subnet which will act as repository for JCS and SOA Schemas.

Activities to do:

  1. Create the parent compartment DEMO-COMP.
  2. Create the sub compartment DEV-DEMO-COMP where all DEV instances will reside.
  3. Create the DEMO-VCN with CIDR by choosing the compartment DEMO-COMP.
  4. Create the NAT Gateway DEMO-NGW to access the public domains like internet from private subnet.
  5. Create a Route Table and add the NAT gateway which we created in the above step.
  6. Create a Security list (as this is for private subnet) with ingress rules and egress rules.
  7. Create a Private subnet with CIDR and assign the above created Route table, Security list.
  8. Provision a DB System.
  9. Create a policy in the DEMO-COMP compartment to allow the PSM to access the resources of DEMO-COMP.
  10. Login to the Bastion host which is in public subnet and create a Jason file to spin JCS instance in private subnet.
  11. By using the curl command and created Jason file spin the JCS instance in private subnet.

Creating the compartment

Creating the sub-compartment

Creating the VCN.

Creating the NAT Gateway.

Creating the Route table.

Creating the Security list.

Adding the Rules to the security list.

Ingress rules:

Source type : CIDR

Source CIDR :

IP Protocol : All Protocols

Egress rules:

Destination type : CIDR

Destination CIDR :

IP Protocol : All Protocols

Creating the Private Subnet.

Provisioning the DB system

DB System created successfully.

This concludes the part-1 of this series.

In part-2 will see how to spin JCS instance.

Happy Learning.

Firoz K. Hussain

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