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Exadata Simulation on VMWare Part-1

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Hi Guys, After long time blogging new post, this time we will see how to simulate Exadata environment in vmware. Note : This is for learning purpose and a simulation to practice the commands but the actual performance and other features can only be experienced on real exadata machines.

OAM server Coherence node fails to join the Coherence cluster !!

Hi Guys, In today’s post will see the troubleshooting of Coherence Cluster where OAM server coherence node not able to join the Coherence Cluster. Issue: In one server, I installed OID (12c)and OAM(12c) and created separate domains, but OID domain is in production and OAM domain is in Development

Installation and Configuration of OBIA 11g ( !!

Hi Guys, In today’s post will see Oracle Business Intelligence Applications installation and configuration( with Oracle Data Integrator ( Environment: Biapp01.hussain.net = Biappdb01.hussain.net = Versions : OBIEE = ODI = OBIA = RDBMS = Document followed : https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E51479_01/doc.111181/e51478/toc.htm Video URL for Step-by-Step Installation

Oracle 12c GRID, Database Installation and Configuration !!

Hi All, In today’s post, we will see the Installation and Configuration of Oracle 12c Grid and RDBMS ( Along with will see how to create ACFS volumes, mount points and creating a database in ACFS mount points. If any queries please let me know in the comment box.

Apologies for the delay !!

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Hi Guys, There was some technical issue with my blog, so all post got disappeard now. Don’t worry will post all the content soon. Topic’s which I’m going to blog are: OBIEE OID OAM OIM SOA Cloning of all the above components. HA of the all above component. EBS-OAM

Sorry for the delay response..Checking regarding the pictures related issue !!!

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Hi Guys,   Sorry after long time came back to my blog, so many people requested me regarding the pics are not displayed.   Checking regarding the same. Will update on the same.   Once again apologies for the same.