Installation and Configuration of OBIA 11g ( !!

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In today’s post will see Oracle Business Intelligence Applications installation and configuration( with Oracle Data Integrator (


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Versions :

  1. OBIEE =
  2. ODI =
  3. OBIA =
  4. RDBMS =

Document followed :

Video URL for Step-by-Step Installation of OBIA:

High-Level steps:

  1. Install and configure Oracle RDBMS software.
  2. Create a database with unicode characterset.
  3. Using RCU create OBIEE repositiories.
  4. Install and configure OBIEE
  5. Install ODI binaires on the server.
  6. Using OBIA RCU, create repositoires for OBIA.
  7. Install OBIA binaries on the server.
  8. Apply FMW technology patches.
  9. Upgrade ATGLite, FSM, BIACM components using psa utility.
  10. Configure BIAPPS using script.
  11. Check all consoles, Admin, Analytics, Configuration Manager, Functional Setup Manager, ODI console.
  12. Install and configure OBIEE Client Administration tool and check by connecting to RPD online.
  13. Install and configure ODI client and check by connecting to work repository.
  14. Create one sample target source from Configuration Manager and check the connectivity.


Installation and Configuration of Oracle RDBMS

Invoke netca to configure LISTENER:

Creation of database and using unicode characterset:

Create OS user for biapps software and use OBIEE RCU to create OBIEE related repositories:

Invoke runInstaller from OBIEE software to Install and Configure OBIEE:

Invoke OBIA RCU to create repositories related to Oracle Business Intelligence Applications:

Here with OBIA RCU, we will get dump files of repositories, copy the same to database node where we are creating repositories and give the same patch in RCU window.

Increase the below tablespace size as below:

Installation and configuration of OBIA:

Give the existing the BI home for OBIA as well:

Invoke runInstaller from Oracle Data Integrator software folder to install ODI:

After the Installation of OBIEE, ODI, OBIA, have to apply technology patches and the patches you can get from Oracle edelivery.

Edit the below file and give appropriate variable values and execute the perl command to apply patches.

Upgrade the ATGLite, FSM, BIACM components through psa utility which will be available in $ORACLE_COMMON_HOME/bin

Upgrade FSM:

Upgrade BIACM:

Configure OBIA using script which will be under Oracle BI home.

After successful installation, we can see below servers in weblogic console.

Configuration Manager console:

Function Setup Manager Console:

ODI Console:

Now, we are trying to download OBIEE Admin tool software from analytics console and installing it to connect RPD.

Successfully able to connect RPD through OBIEE Admin tool.

Now, installing ODI studio at client machine.

Copy the below files to Oracle ODI installed directory and also copy the source files to one desired etl directory which should be out of BI Oracle home.

Creating one source system (EBS DB in my case) and testing the connectivity:


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