Database connection to jdbc:oracle:thin:@host_name:port_number:database failed in EBS 12.1.3

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Hi Techies,

Going to post which I faced the issue in my EBS 12.1.3.


I have issue in my 12.1.3 environment the Internal 500 error when opening the login page.


Investigation has done:


1. Checked the apache log file not given any information.

2. Cleared the cache directory of Apache logs and bounce back the Apache service but no luck.

3. Run Autoconfig from Apps tier then I surprised I got an error as below, FYI from DBA side, no changes are there.

Updating Server Security Authentication

java.sql.SQLException: Invalid number format for port number

Database connection to jdbc:oracle:thin:@host_name:port_number:database failed

Updating Server Security Authentication failed with exit code 1

Restoring DBC file from backed up location /u01/ebizapp/SID/inst/apps/SID_fccir12testdb/appltmp/TXK/SID_Mon_Jun_09_20_06_2014.dbc

4. After I have checked with metalink doc Adgendbc Fails With Database Connection Failure (Doc ID 1302708.1)  , but no luck.



The issue got resolved by below steps :


1. Firstly, check the data in FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS table show zero rows output, then we understood nasty thing happen by which the data got deleted in this table by which our dbc file creation got failed.


2. For that we have checked the table data with flashback query, then God’s grace we got the data of 2 days back and we inserted that data again in FND_PROFILE_OPTIONS table.


— select * from applsys.fnd_profile_options as of timestamp sysdate-2;

— create table applsys.fnd_profile_options_bkp as select * from applsys.fnd_profile_options;

— create table test as select * from applsys.fnd_profile_options;

— insert into  test (select * from applsys.fnd_profile_options as of timestamp sysdate-2);

— insert into applsys.fnd_profile_options (select * from test);


3. Run autoconfing on apps-tier it successfully executed and then able to open login page and also forms as well.


Here my luck was the data was still there in undo tablespace, if it’s not there I don’t know what it will be.

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