Users are not propagating from custom container of OID to EBS R12.1.3 !!

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  1. What was requirement
  • The requirement was like this, we have users who will access OBIEE and EBS applications and some users will use both applications.
  • At this point I got stuck,  when I integrate OID with MSAD, all users of the AD are getting populated in Users container and in turn user getting created in EBS fnd_user, if the user is related to OBIEE then it shouldn’t create in fnd_user of EBS.
  • So, OBIEE users are also getting created in EBS fnd_user, which I don’t want, so, want to create one custom container for EBS users, and for OBIEE users let it come to Users container in OID.
  1. What issues I encountered
  • So, now to populate users from AD who will access EBS application only, I have extended AD with one custom attribute called ebscustom, based on this custom attribute, given in synchronization profile of DIP able to populate EBS users in cn=ebsusers,dc=hussain,dc=net.
  • Now, here actual issue raised, from cn=ebsusers,dc=hussain,dc=net the users are not getting provisioned to EBS fnd_user from OID, as my provision type is 4.
  • But when I populate EBS users to cn=Users,dc=hussain,dc=net then able to provision users from OID to EBS fnd_users, but not able to provision from cn=ebusers,dc=hussain,dc=net to EBS fnd_user.
  • So, decided to enable debug on DIP and also EBS, after enabling debug I got the issue error from DIP log as

———-NEW EVENT STATUS ——————–

Event ID : 84659

Object GUID : null

Error Code : -1400

Error String : ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into (“APPLSYS”.”WF_ATTRIBUTE_CACHE”.”ENTITY_KEY_VALUE”)

Error Disp : EVENT_ERROR


  1. What I did to fix it
  • After this when I searched in the knowledge base of Oracle support I found it as BUG, but related to this BUG there is no patches or solution.


  • So, after checking with Oracle Support, came to know that provisioning of users from OID to EBS is looking only for container cn=Users,dc=hussain,dc=net.
  • How I came to know that it’s looking for only Users container is, from attribute orclCommonUserSearchBase, you can found that in cn=common,cn=Products,cn=OracleContext,dc=hussain,dc=net, So, now I  have to add the cn=ebsusers,dc=hussain,dc=net in that attribute to replicate the user from this custom container.

  • After this change, able to propagate users from ebsusers container of OID to EBS fnd_user.

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