Oracle WebTier(OHS) 11g Configuration with Port 80 and 443 !!

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Hi techies,

This post is regarding how to configure OHS or Webtier with port 80(http) and 443(https) which are less than <1024.

Metalink ID: How To Change Oracle HTTP Server 10g / 11g Listen Port to <1024 e.g. 80 or 443 (Unix Only) (Doc ID 457171.1)


  1. Already OHS or Webtier installed and configured.

Now going to change HTTP port to 80 and https port to 443.

Stop the opmnctl services:

If you want to start opmnctl services with port <1024, then you should have to change the owner and permission for hidden file .apachectl like in the screenshot.

Change Lister port to 80 and group to oinstall (in my case) in httpd.conf file.

Update https port to 443 in ssl.conf

Restart the opmnctl services:

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