Oracle Access Manager 11g Installation (OAM series-Part2)

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Hi techies,

This is other series called OAM series in which we will cover.

  1. Oracle Access Manager Single Node Installation.
  2. Consoles walkthrough.
  3. Oracle Access Manager High Availability(in the same post will cover cloning)

Now, we are going to install OAM 11g(, for this pre-requisites are

  1. Configure JDK_HOME
  2. Install WLS (10.3.6) server.(
  3. Create a repository for OAM through RCU utility.
  4. Install OAM 11g.
  5. Consoles checking.

This posts will show you single node Installation of Oracle Access Manager 11g.

In the screenshot below I highlighted my VIP address(Mainly for Admin server) which I will be going to use in OAM Cluster configuration.

Invoke runInstaller from OAM downloaded ship home

With the below screenshot, installation of OAM 11g completed.

Setting environment variables for OAM:

After the installation of OAM binaries, have to create domain using of ORACLE_COMMON_HOME

With the below, screenshot domain configuration completed successfully, where it created Admin server and associated managed servers of OAM. Mainly we have to look after here Admin and oam_server1 managed server.

After domain configuration, add the environment variable of DOMAIN_HOME.

Edit the with SecureListener parameter to false as we want to use Plain socket nodemanager.

Start the Nodemanager:

Create for Admin server to start the same without login authentication:

Check by logging to Admin Console:

Update the machines that node manager will listen on Plain Socket:

Now you can check that nodemanager is reachable for below machine or not:

Start the oam_server1 managed server from Admin console:

Check by logging to OAM Console:

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