OID 11g High Availablity Configuration (OID Series-Part4)

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Hi techies,

In this post, we will see how to configure OID Cluster.

Previously topics covered are:

  1. How to create a repository for OID. https://blog.hussaindba.com/repository-creat…oid-series-part1/
  2. How to install WLS server. https://blog.hussaindba.com/weblogic-10-3-6-…oid-series-post2/
  3. How to Install and Configure OID. https://blog.hussaindba.com/oid-11g-single-node-installation-oid-series-part3/

Before configuring cluster on the second node (in my case node name is oid02.hussain.net) we require Weblogic server and OID Software installed. So, follow the above 2 and 3 points to achieve the same.

After software installation, invoke config.sh from OID_HOME and do the configuration as below.

After this, like in below screenshot, we have to  copy DIP related files from node1(oid01.hussain.net) to node2 (oid02.hussain.net) and restart the DIP services from EM console of OID.

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