OBIEE Installation Part 8(Cloning of OBIEE) !!

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Hi All,

Post 8, In the series of OBIEE Installation.

Came back with cloning of OBIEE environment using T2P process.

Check the same in this blog and have fun

  1. Before starting cloning, assuming there is already configured OBIEE environment.

Now, take the logical backup of DEV_MDS and DEV_BIPLATFORM schemas.

  1. Create necessary directory structures to take the snap clone of middleware binaries , domains and instance configuration.

  1. Taking the snap clone of all Middleware binaries.

Note : Edit the machine config in config.xml of the domain before taking snap clone of domains.

  1. Now , stop and start the BI services to pick up the edited information which we done in config.xml of domain.

  1. Now take the snap clone of domain configuration.

  1. In below screenshot , we are taking the snap clone of instance configuration.

  1. Copy all the snap clone and dump files to target machine.

  1. Now , in the target machine import the logical backup which we took in source machine.

  1. Create necessary directory structures in target machine.

  1. Copy all snap clone jar files and,,cloningclient.jar files to target machine.

  1. Set JAVA_HOME and execute to paste all the middleware binaries.

  1. Extract the move plan from domain and instance configuration snap clone jar’s and do the necessary edition according to the target environment.

Edit the moveplan.xml of domain by giving correct jdbc connections , port numbers, machine names and also passing password file with absolute path.

  1. Paste the domain configuration using edited move plan.

  1. Extract the move plan for instance configuration using instance snap clone jar.

  1. Paste the instance configuration using edited move plan.

  1. After pasting instance configuration , start the system components.

  1. Now check by logging into weblogic console using 8001 port number which was changed in move plan of domain configuration.

  1. After checking console , check the analytics page as well.

Hope this find’s you well , any queries and any more information let me know.

Thank you and happy learning!!!

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