OBIEE Installation Part 10 (Roles migration) !!

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Hi All,

Post 10, in the series of OBIEE Installation.

This is the last post in this series, if I have missed any thing in this, please let me know, will try to post the same.

In this post, we are going to see how we can migrate users and roles from one OBIEE server to other.

Please check the post and happy learning.

Details of servers:

  1. = source server
  2. = destination server.

Copy the below two files from $MW_HOME by finding with file names to one custom directory in

Then open the jps-config-policy.xml file and delete all the data which already existing copy below data.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=’yes’?>
<jpsConfig xmlns=””
schema-major-version=”11″ schema-minor-version=”1″>
<!– This property is for jaas mode. Possible values are “off”, “doas” and “doasprivileged” –>
<property name=”” value=”off”/>
<!– SAML Trusted Issuer –>
<propertySet name=”saml.trusted.issuers.1″>
<property name=”name” value=””/>
</propertySet>    </propertySets>
<serviceProvider type=”POLICY_STORE” name=”policystore.xml.provider” class=””>            <description>XML-based PolicyStore Provider</description>        </serviceProvider>    </serviceProviders>
<!– JPS XML Policy Store Service Instance –>
<serviceInstance name=”srcpolicystore.xml” provider=”policystore.xml.provider” location=”/u01/clone_bkp/bidb/system-jazn-data.xml”>
<description>File Based Policy Store Service Instance</description>
<serviceInstance name=”policystore.xml” provider=”policystore.xml.provider” location=”/u01/clone_bkp/test/system-jazn-data.xml”>
<description>File Based Policy Store Service Instance</description>
<jpsContexts default=”default”>
<!– This is the default JPS context. All the mendatory services and Login Modules must be configured in this default context –>
<jpsContext name=”sourceFileStore”>
<serviceInstanceRef ref=”srcpolicystore.xml”/>
</jpsContext> <jpsContext name=”targetFileStore”>
<serviceInstanceRef ref=”policystore.xml”/>

Execute and connect to server and execute the command to generate new file of application roles.

Now check new system-jazn-data.xml file which will be custom directory(/u01/clone_bkp/test in my case), it should have to contain all roles as of source server.

Copy the file generated to destination server by taking the backup of existing system-jazn-data.xml file

After copying the file, restart all OBIEE services in second node and check the roles going to EM of the server it should exists.

My custom roles HRROLE and MGMT_ROLE able to see after migration.

Happy learning.

Firoz K. Hussain.

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