Ebusiness 12.2.X Single Sign on Part 3 (EBS-SSO integration with Active Directory) !!

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Hi Techies,

In this post, will see how to integrate OID with Microsoft Active Directory.


Login to ODSM console, go to Advanced tab and choose the below plugins and edit the same show in screenshots.

  1. oidexplg_bind_ad
  2. oidexplg_comapre_ad

Now, go to OID Fusion Middleware control console and create synchronization profile.

In the creation of synchronization profile, select the mapping tab and give sourceĀ container and DIP-OID container values.

After that click on Validate All Mapping Rules, it should show status as green tick mark.

After this the save the synchronization profile, in my case name isĀ  AD_TO_OID(Synchronization profile name)

When you integrate OID with EBS 12.2.x instance, then automatically provision file will be created with a prefix of your EBS DB instance name and by default provision type will be bi-directional

Now go to your AD console, create a user (in my case ADTEST1 is the user), it should have to sync to OID and also it should have to provision to EBS instance.

Now login to EBS URL with ADTEST1 username credentials, it should have to successfully authenticate, authorize and should have to land on the home page of the user.


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