Ebusiness 12.2.X Single Sign on Part 2 (Bulk Load of EBS users to OID) !!

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Hi Techies,

In this post, will see how Bulk Load users of EBS into OID.


Login to EBS application using AppsLocalLogin.jsp

Checking the version of EBS:

In my case, I’m having the existing user as TEST1 before integrating EBS with OAM, OID. So, now want to migrate the user from EBS to OID.

Please check the Applications SSO Type profile, it should be SSWA w/SSO.

Export the users of EBS.

Copy the exported users file to OID server.

Convert the exported users file to LDIF format using ldifmigrator tool.

After migrating to LDIF format, the file should look like below.

Before Bulk Load disable the provisioning profiles.

Do the generate test before actual bulk load.

Stop system components from oid01.hussain.net and oid02.hussain.net (As my OID is in cluster).

Issue the below screenshot command from oid02.hussain.net as well.


Now, load the EBS users into OID.

Enable the provision profiles now.

Check the users loaded or not.

Now, do the testing by firing EBS URL and provide the username and credentials of TEST1 user, it should have to login successful and should have to launch directly on EBS home page of the user.

If this issue comes, then update value as orclguid in prefected attributes property in OAMCONSOLE.


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