EBS Provisioning Profiles in OID 11g Not Working !!!

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Hi Techies,

In this post, will share the issue I faced in EBS-OAM Single Sign-on implementation.


EBS Provisioning profiles not able to propagate users from OID to EBS fnd_user.

My envirnonment:

EBS Apps version : 12.1.3

EBS DB Version : RAC DB.

OID version:

OAM version :

  • After integrating EBS 12.1.3 with OAM-OID, users are flowing from EBS to OID, but not from OID to EBS.
  • So, to investigate, looked into the wls_ods1 log where I got below screenshot clue like not able to connect to my  EBS RAC DB.
  • By following the metalink id OID 11g: Error Starting WLS Managed Server for DIP: Exception on connecting to DB | java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: JNDI Package failure javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Invalid name: 0:3060 (Doc ID 1921957.1) came to know that OID JDBC will ot support SCAN listener to connect to EBS RAC DB.

  • So, according to document, changed the SCAN listener to VIP.

  • Now after this, connecting to DB issue solved, but no luck, flow from OID to EBS still not happening, so decided to enable debug on DIP and in EBS through FND_DEBUG, after enabling debug in wls_ods1.log there are no errors shown in the log and in EBS fnd_log_messages table, got a clue like it’s trying to update the user of OID to EBS but actually not happening.

  • So, got stuck at this point where to check, searched in Oracle Support for some clue then got below metalink id exactly which matches my issue. There was a patch need to apply on OID ORACLE_HOME where to flow users from OID to EBS.

EBS Provisioning Profiles in OID 11g Not Working, Or Only Work in One Direction and No Errors are Received in the DIP Server Logs (Doc ID 2114772.1)

  • After applying the patch, de-register and register OID from EBS, then users start to flow from OID to EBS.

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