Decrypt Weblogic password in Fusion Middleware!!

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Hi All,

In today’s post will see how to decrypt the weblogic password in Fusion Middleware.


Get the encrypted password from file of your Admin server.

Go to ORACLE_COMMON_HOME/bin (/u01/oraoid/fmw_oid/oracle_common/common/bin)

Execute ./ , then execute below commands.

wls:/offline> domain = “/u01/oraoid/fmw_oid/user_projects/domains/IDMDomain”

wls:/offline> service =

wls:/offline> encryption =

wls:/offline> wls:/offline> print “Weblogic server Admin password: %s” %encryption.decrypt(“{AES}mpsKGWPpSfWXh68pr2KCAoZMCK4oe4+hCVK0ThQDrOA\=”)

When execute the print command to get decrypt format of password, you can get below screenshot issue.

To resolve the same you have to remove forward slash in the encrypted password given in print command (Note I have highlighted in \ red in the command)

Issue screenshot with “\” in the ecrypted password:

Decrypted password screenshot:

Reference :

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